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Optimizing your website is sometimes the last thing our clients think about, until they talk to business associates and hear firsthand from piers about what Search Engine Optimization can really do for their business.


It is optimal to be called in to consult from day 1 on a new web design so that we can optimize the site from the very beginning. In some cases we will be called in to do a full website and optimization, so we can work with your company to optimize from the very beginning.


As a business, you may have talked to business associates and realize, you have a site, now it is time to take the next step. Either way, we are here to help your business’ web appearance to become optimized and successful in driving customers to you site. We offer many options and would be happy to discuss them with you.



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"Finally, business software for your business, for the way you work, created by small business for small business..."


Our client was frustrated himself with what was available in the market for small business people. All he wanted was a system that would allow for files, invoicing, invoice payments, customer service notes, calendar and contact, in one simple easy to use set up, that didnt require IT people to run it, or teach him how to use it.









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