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Keep it simple - Make it functional!

We pride ourselves in always putting our customers first. We are a service company, it is essential that we help you, our customer understand every step of the process we undertake on your behalf.


It is always a great to work with customers that understand the process and how valuable to their business SEO and SEM services are, but for those who are not on top of the latest internet technologies or lingo, we are happy to put away the acronyms, and gobledegoop, and explain in detail why Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing are vital to business today. By taking this step, we help you to attract the right customers to your site.


By using organic SEO/SEM tools, it makes our approach longer lasting. We take the time to analyze your business and the customers you’re looking for, so that we can develop a systematic blend of technologies that will have a longer lasting effect, as a result. Each customer is very unique. Many of our competitors feel the same way. However, there are many SEO companies out there that will apply quick one set up fits all approach with hidden linking. Using methods and techniques that, while they may help in the short term, will end up being more detrimental to your site, and in the long run, require constant resubmissions and re-coding or cause the reverse effect.


Through study, and experience we have a very good understanding of Search Engines work.


The three largest, Google, Yahoo and Bing are following a similar yet different approach, and that is to weigh real information on true value. They create a scale of weights and measures to analyze what is true linking, against keywords and true value of content to decide the real relevance of what is being said and offered on the website. The more organic the meaning, the more real the writing and linking and value of key words to the website, products and services offered, the higher the ranking value. (Ranking on its own is only part of the value, Google uses other values as well.) By properly coding and setting up your site, the longer your rankings will hold, and take on almost a viral effect in the Search Engines value structure leading to excellent results.


We have been specializing in web design and in application web design for business for years. Together with our background in the business and the internet world, we understand the need for dynamic simplicity that will engage your clients. We know technology can be confusing for the majority of those that search and or do business on the internet. We work closely with BlackBerry, Iphone, Android and HP webOS (Palm Mobility) applications for the smart phone, but we develop them for our customers when they make sense to their business model. The reality is the majority of us don’t want to spend too much time understanding how a web site works, and business need their employees to get on their site, and start using the new applications that have been developed. So for this reason. I believe, keeping it simple, real and functional is the best thing we can do for your business.


These are our services; this is our belief, KEEP IT SIMPLE – MAKE IT FUNCTIONAL!

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My Busy Biz

"Finally, business software for your business, for the way you work, created by small business for small business..."


Our client was frustrated himself with what was available in the market for small business people. All he wanted was a system that would allow for files, invoicing, invoice payments, customer service notes, calendar and contact, in one simple easy to use set up, that didnt require IT people to run it, or teach him how to use it.


enter: www.mybusybiz.com







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