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We have worked with large and small companies to develop web based applications to better automate and simplify business. Whether it is the complete creation and organization of your business or pieces of your business, to simplify a process. Web Applications will allow for more work to be done, and grow with fewer people, allowing for your business to put more money where you really need it. Your process then becomes web based (using The Cloud), the need for updating legacy computer systems is no longer necessary to run new application programs, as you will not need any and this. It allows your employees to work and do business, the way that makes sense, not be forced to work the way a piece of software demands you to work, that you buy off the shelf. Now you can work your business where ever there is a computer connected to the internet. Enabling a more simplified approach, so that your business can work, the way you want, easy, designed around the way you think and work. Allowing you to optimize your existing employees and handle more business using your new system.


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"Finally, business software for your business, for the way you work, created by small business for small business..."


Our client was frustrated himself with what was available in the market for small business people. All he wanted was a system that would allow for files, invoicing, invoice payments, customer service notes, calendar and contact, in one simple easy to use set up, that didnt require IT people to run it, or teach him how to use it.









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